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Child Modelling in Australia: A Guide

Child Modelling in Australia A Guide

Embarking on a child modelling career requires careful steps and informed decisions. This article serves as your roadmap to transforming your child’s modelling aspirations into reality. By walking you through building a strong portfolio, choosing the right agency, and balancing this unique career with your child’s lifestyle, we offer concrete tips without glossing over challenges. Discover noteworthy Australian agencies and equip yourself with the know-how to navigate the child modelling scene confidently.

Key Takeaways

  • A child model needs confidence, photogenic qualities, and comfort in various settings. Parents are key in managing well-being and career support.

  • Preparation is everything. Gauge a child’s interest, help them handle rejection, and work on their ability to follow instructions and pose.

  • Creating a strong portfolio with professional photos and a showreel is essential, along with finding a reputable agency that matches your child’s potential and values.

How To Get Your Child Into Modelling in Australia

Begin with creating a diverse portfolio for your child, featuring both headshots and full-body shots in various outfits and settings. Make sure these photos are clear and capture your child’s personality.  

Next, research and choose a reputable child modelling agency. Look for agencies with positive reviews and no requirement for upfront fees. Submit your child’s portfolio to these agencies, including basic details like age, height, clothing size, and any special skills.

Be aware of the commitment involved in modelling. It’s crucial to balance auditions and jobs with your child’s education and extracurricular activities. Learn about the industry, including legal requirements and child labor laws in Australia, to ensure your child’s safety and well-being.

Finally, accompany your child to all assignments and maintain open communication with them and the agency. Remember, success in modelling requires patience and perseverance. Keep your expectations realistic and focus on making the experience positive and confidence-building for your child.

Understanding the Child Modelling Industry

In order to become a successful child model, certain prerequisites must be met. These include having confidence and ease in front of the camera, possessing natural photogenic qualities, feeling comfortable on set, and practicing posing techniques and expressions.

Modelling agencies today are looking for more than just physical appearance when scouting potential child models. With the rise of social media and digital marketing, the high demand for young talent in this industry has greatly expanded.

The earnings potential as a child model can range from $100 to several thousand dollars per job with an average yearly salary around $72,859 or an hourly rate of $35. Financial rewards that come with modelling opportunities at such a young age also provide other benefits like increased self-confidence and improved socialization skills.

Parents have an important role in supporting their children’s careers as they navigate through the entertainment industry as models. This means prioritizing emotional well-being while dedicating time towards helping them succeed.

Preparing Your Child for Modelling

As a parent, it is important to assess your child’s interest in modelling as the first step. Observe their behavior during playtime and directly ask them about their desire for modelling. If they continue to show enthusiasm after several instances, it may be an indication of genuine interest in this industry. If your child becomes disinterested or unenthusiastic, it is crucial to respect their feelings and not pressure them into something they do not enjoy.

Rejection is a common occurrence in the world of modelling and helping your child understand how to cope with rejection will build resilience within them for this competitive field. It is essential that you maintain confidence levels by reminding them that there will always be other opportunities available. One rejection does not determine their talent or worth.

It can also help boost self-assurance before a photo shoot by practicing poses and expressions together beforehand while ensuring they are well-rested on the day itself so they know what to expect when on set – these actions can prepare young models both physically & emotionally. Ultimately, should your child exhibit shyness around strangers or have difficulty communicating with new people, making a career out of “being seen” might not be the most suitable choice. In such situations, it is crucial to respect their decision and encourage their newfound interests instead.

Child Modelling Photos

A robust portfolio is crucial for your child’s modeling career. It needs to feature professional headshots and a diverse range of photos that display their versatility in various outfits and poses, as well as their camera presence. Additionally, a child model’s resume should accompany the portfolio, detailing their accomplishments, special skills like music or sports, and recent experiences that showcase their development in modeling. This detailed portfolio and resume combination assists casting directors in assessing whether your child is a good fit for various projects.

An important element of a comprehensive portfolio is also having a showreel – a short video featuring clips of acting performances, musical talents, dancing skills, or presenting abilities – which effectively showcases all the unique qualities and strengths of your child within 60 to 90 seconds. This brief visual representation plays an integral role in capturing the attention from potential agencies and clients.

Overall, a well-curated portfolio that highlights various aspects of your child will greatly increase their chances of succeeding in the competitive world of modelling. Always remember to make sure you have professional content included so that everything presented appears polished and impressive enough for prospective opportunities in the industry.

Navigating Casting Calls and Auditions

Participating in casting calls and auditions is crucial for kickstarting a successful modelling career. Punctuality holds great significance in this industry, as it reflects professionalism and consideration for others’ time. It is essential to arrive on time or slightly earlier at these events. Bring along your child’s portfolio that highlights their personality and versatility and demonstrates preparedness.

Maintaining composure and showing respect towards everyone involved (be it parents or children) during casting calls and auditions is paramount. Being well-prepared with your child’s measurements and the agent’s contact details at every audition portrays competence and expertise.

The Role of Talent Agencies

talent agency sydney

Child talent agencies play a crucial role in the career of child models. They have the responsibility to secure fitting opportunities, give valuable guidance related to the industry, and offer essential assistance for your child’s professional development.

Finding the Right Agency

The key to a successful modelling career for your child lies in choosing the right and reputable agency. Proper research, seeking recommendations from others, and attending open calls are vital steps that ensure you select an ethical agency that fits well with your child’s needs. A good agency recognizes their potential and is dedicated to helping them grow professionally. To make the best decision for your child, parents should ask a variety of questions.

Open casting calls present an excellent opportunity to evaluate agencies as well as observe how they work through their casting directors’ actions. It gives you firsthand experience of how your child responds in studio settings while also providing a chance to converse with representatives from various agencies.

Working with an Agency

Collaborating with an agency requires a proactive approach, as effective communication is crucial for creating networking opportunities and boosting your child’s confidence. It also helps to align everyone’s expectations. Agencies have certain expectations of child models, including professionalism, punctuality, and preparedness for auditions.

As parents of a child model, it is important to maintain regular contact with the agency and fully understand the terms outlined in their contract. Prioritizing your child’s well-being should always be at the forefront of any decisions made regarding modelling opportunities. Following up with the agency after approximately six months since submitting your materials allows them sufficient time to review everything before making a decision.

Balancing Modelling and Everyday Life

Young models must skillfully juggle their modelling career with everyday life responsibilities. Time management is crucial as they strive to balance school, family and other personal obligations. Maintaining a healthy relationship with loved ones can be achieved by:

Clear communication

how to become a child model

Quality time spent together during waking hours

Collaborating as a team

child modelling photos

Involving the child in important family discussions

how to become a child model in australia

Educating them on striking a balance between screen time and other activities

Hobbies are an integral part of any child’s development. A well-planned schedule that accommodates both modelling commitments and hobbies can help children effectively manage their time. Parents should engage in open communication to ensure the child’s interests and goals are taken into consideration while also fitting within their modelling schedule. If at some point, the young model chooses to move away from this line of work, it is essential for parents to respect that decision and provide support towards pursuing new passions.

Ensuring Your Child’s Safety and Well-being

Safety and well-being are of utmost importance in the modelling industry. It is crucial to create a child-proof environment, with no potential choking hazards, extreme temperatures, or harmful lighting on set. To make their children feel more at ease during modelling shoots, parents can bring toys, food, or books that they love. Never leave your child unattended while working on set and be cautious of agencies who ask for upfront fees or make unrealistic promises.

The most critical factor to consider is always ensuring the safety and well-being of your child in this highly competitive industry.

Success Stories: Former Child Models Who Made It Big

There have been many child and baby models who have made a smooth transition into adult careers, serving as an inspiration for parents looking to get their children involved in modelling. By representing young ones in the industry, numerous individuals have paved the way for successful futures both within and outside of modelling.

Renowned personalities such as Gigi Hadid, Vanessa Hudgens, and Hailee Steinfeld all started out as child models and went on to achieve great success in adulthood. Some former child models continue with their careers by signing with adult agencies while others excel in various other professions.

The kids modelling industry not only offers valuable life skills but also boosts self-confidence and instills important money management abilities that can lay the foundation for future accomplishments.

Reputable Australian Child Modelling Agencies

how to choose a talent agency in australia

Looking for the right talent agency for your child can feel like an overwhelming task. There are reputable Australian modelling agencies that could be perfect to jumpstart your kid’s career in this industry. Some of these trustworthy agencies include Bubblegum Casting and many others.

These reliable agencies cater to different age groups from newborns up to teenagers with a diverse pool of clients including renowned brands such as Target, McDonald’s and Bonds. This offers a variety of opportunities ranging from catalogue modelling all the way through TV commercials and stage productions.

You can easily apply through their websites making it a convenient and hassle-free process for both parents and children alike.


Successfully navigating the world of child modelling can be a complex task, but with proper guidance, it can also be an enriching adventure. Understanding how the industry works, preparing your child for their modelling career, creating a strong portfolio, and finding trustworthy representation are crucial steps in this journey. 

It’s important to maintain a healthy balance between modeling commitments and everyday life while prioritizing your child’s safety and well-being above all else. Keep in mind that every child model has a unique path and ensuring your child is happy and comfortable should always remain top priority.

Child Modelling in Australia FAQ’s

Begin by assisting your child in creating a professional portfolio with the expertise of a qualified photographer. Following that, search for an established agency specialized in representing children to secure modeling opportunities.

A crucial step is assembling a high-quality collection of images showcasing your child’s talent and versatility through collaboration with an experienced photographer.

It is true that child models do receive payment for their talent and time, making it a valuable opportunity for them to gain insight into the working world and financial aspects. Their involvement in this industry allows them to acquire important skills as they navigate through the professional realm.

In the Australian market, young individuals working as models can make an average of $20,000 annually. The pay scale for child modeling jobs typically ranges from a hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. One crucial step in entering this industry is securing representation with a reputable talent agency.

The sector of modelling for children encompasses a range of categories, including print advertising and fashion editorial. These distinct branches provide a wide array of opportunities for aspiring young models to explore in the industry.

In order to adequately prepare their children for a career in modeling, it is important for parents to assess their child’s level of interest and enthusiasm towards the industry. They should also equip them with necessary tools such as resilience against rejection while simultaneously building up their confidence and social skills.

By doing so, parents are setting the foundation for their child’s success within the competitive world of modeling. 

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